Please join us for the return of Nels Andrews and Raina Rose oto our house concert series in Berkeley on Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 7 p.m. $20 suggested donation. Please RSVP below or email Linda at linda@berkeleyhouseconcerts.org or call Tom at 510-697-4097. We will provide the exact address when we confirm your RSVP. You can find links to videos below.

As the second daughter of a country music historian and a Jewish poet, Americana musician and songwriter Raina Rose revels in sharing with you her beautifully twisted, yet refreshingly optimistic perspective on the world. Her unique voice and exceptional guitar playing transcend age, gender, generation, and even catch the ears of those who aren’t typically into acoustic guitar-driven songwriting. With a naturalist’s eye, an artist’s pen, and a lion’s attack, Raina lays everything she has on the line; she makes you feel as if she’s your best friend whispering a honeysuckle-sweet secret in your ear, warmly inviting you into a joyfully intimate and darkly candid conversation. It’s that ability to forge her own path in the world of music that sets Raina apart from her contemporaries, and her “no holds barred, lay it on the line” brand of Americana that secures Raina’s place in music history as more than a mere footnote or a passing trend.

Other people have said these things:

“American folksinger-songwriter Raina Rose graces us with her soft, unique voice that captures the heart of anyone who listens.” -KUTX, 2014
“Raina Rose: even her name reads like a poem” -william harries graham, The austin chronicle, 2015

“There’s those albums you grow to love over time, and then there’s those albums which, you’re so in smitten with
everything that artist has ever done, that you’re completely in love with their newest work almost from pure
anticipation. And then there’s those albums, like Nels Andrews’ Scrimshaw, that exceed even those lofty anticipations and expectations. He has such an effortless singing voice, and a timeless writing voice. These tunes are all deep with symbolism, and vivid with imagery. And they sit together elegantly as a single unit. It’s a truly beautiful album.”-Danny Schmidt

“The songs on Scrimshaw are fantastically warm, fantastically poetic and fantastically moving. From start to finish, Nels takes us to another world. It’s like being part of a storybook. Beautiful and pure. It’s magic.” -Carrie Elkin

‘When Nels Andrews tells a story, he sings it with the wisdom of a sea captain and the exuberance of a deck hand. When he’s through, you inevitably wish you could hear it all over again. Lucky for us, he’s made an album called Scrimshaw, and we have devices for playing recorded music’. Robbie Hecht