We have occasional house concerts at our home in the north Berkeley hills.  Please contact us for more information, to be added to our mailing list, or for booking inquiries.  linda AT berkeleyhouseconcerts.org, 510-697-4097

“Poplar Playhouse” is simply the name we choose to describe our private parties, in our private home. These parties are not a business nor are they a business related activity. They are strictly a hobby for us, and are simply invitation only gatherings of our friends and guests to enjoy live acoustic music, fellowship, and fun. Our concert parties are officially free, although voluntary contributions (suggested donations generally of $15-$25 per person) are accepted on behalf of the artists. 100% of all contributions go directly to the performers.

Please note that we have three cats, two Cockatiels and an African Grey Parrot.

Linda Oliver & Tom Montgomery

Past house concerts:


Silver Lake 66, March 17, 2019
Christian Lopez, April 26, 2019

The Quitters, August 18, 2019

Noe Venable, September 7, 2019

Reid Jamieson, October 19, 2019

Tom Rhodes, March 3, 2018
Matt Bednarsky, March 16, 2018
Thompsonia, May 5, 2018
Rod Picott, May 6, 2018
Mike Beck, July 28, 2018
Nare Wakefield and Nomad, September 8, 2018
Heart Society, September 15, 2018
Rachel Laven and Justin Ferron, October 19, 2018
Alice Wallace and Andrew Delaney, October 28, 2018

Rebecca Loebe, March 11, 2017
Kelley McRae, April 23, 2017
Melissa Greener, April 29, 2017
Dan O’Sullivan, August 6, 2017
Rick Shea, September 8, 2017
Curtis McMurtry, November 10, 2017
Korby Lenker, November 5, 2017
Evie Ladin, Keith Terry and Eric Pearson, December 2, 2017
Adam Traum and Colin Gilmore, December 3, 2017

Nels Andrews & Raina Rose
Chasing Lovely
Kurt Ribak Quartet
Jaspar Lepak
Jason Wilber
Rupert Wates
Jackie Bristow
Reid Jamieson

Jackie Bristow
Maurice Tani
Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen
Abby & the Myth
Rita Hosking (Benefit for the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland)
Reid Jamieson
John Elliott
Flagship Romance
Angela Easterling and Brandon Turner
Jenny Kerr

Reed Turner (www.reedturner.com)
Greg Trooper
Phil Lee
Raina Rose
Scott Nygaard, Alisa Rose and Jake Schepps
Jenny Kerr
Jess Braun
Jesse Terry
Kristin Andreassen & Alec Spiegelman
Mark Stuart
Jim Bianco
The Littlest Birds
John Craigie
Ashley Raines

Nels Andrews
Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman
Vince Bell
Gurf Morlix
David Olney, Sergio Webb & Anne McCue
Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit
Ashley Raines
Sara Petite Trio
Michelle Malone
The Earl Brothers
Bill Evans

Hans York
Nina Gerber and Chris Webster
Lorin Rowan and Jimmy Dillon
The Honey Dewdrops (www.thehoneydewdrops.com)
Terrence Brewer/Whitney James Group
Bill Evans, The Banjo in America (www.billevansbanjo.com)
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (www.sarahleeandjohnny.com)
Eric and Suzy Thompson
Maggie Forti and Andrea Pritchett
Danny Click
Steve Meckfessel
Sarah Peacock
Houston Jones
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry
Birds of Chicago
Awna Teixeira

Valerie Orth (www.valerieorth.com)
JT Nero and Allison Russell of Po’ Girl
Kate Gaffney www.kategaffney.com
Rick Shea and Tom Corbett www.rickshea.com
Kurt Ribak www.ribak.com
Dehlia Low www.dehlialow.com
JT Nero Trio
Michael Manring/Mark Lemaire and Twilight

Kelly Joe Phelps and Corrine West
Nathan Hamilton
Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack
Laura Love and Orville Wright
Ana Egge
Jenna Mammina

Ana Egge
Eric Taylor
Gurf Morlix
Beth Wood
Audrey Auld
Nels Andrews
Kathleen Haskard


A.J. Roach
Emily Kurn

Audrey Auld

Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
Ana Egge

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